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Welcome to the Building Permits Inspection Tracking System (BPITS)


BPITS is a web application that allows for the Issuing and Tracking of Building Permits. BPITS contains several modules that allow government persons to track permits throught the permitting lifecycle including payment of fees, inspections, issuance and renewal of Permits. The application is based on Microsoft Technology and utilizes SQL Server as the database and is hosted in the Azure Cloud. Invoice, Permits, and Reporting capabilities are handled by Microsoft Reporting Services. You can also track your application and permit process using BPITS Mobile.

Staff can utilize BPITS across the Web to

  1. Issue Permit
  2. Renew Permit
  3. Conduct Inspections
  4. Conduct Reviews

Clients can utilize BPITS across the Web to

  1. Check Application Status
  2. Schedule Inspections
  3. Review Inspection/Review Comments
  4. Upload Supporting or Additional Documents

Management can utilize BPITS across the Web to

  1. View Outstanding Applications
  2. Veiw Fees / Fee Reconcilation
  3. View Inspections: Pending, Completed, Failed
  4. View Reviews: Pending, Completed, Failed